Announcing New Course: Positive Thinking Skills – Helping Students To Think Successfully

positive thinking skills course


Did you know that every 26 seconds a new student drops out of school? That is 7,000 students a day or 1.2 million students pear year. It has also been reported that the drop outs account for about 75% of the crimes. This trend has become labeled as the school to prison pipeline. See more statistics.

More and more of today’s students lack grit and resiliency. Which is to say that the younger generation is deficient in thinking skills for facing and overcoming adversity in any form. This is reflected in the increase of drop out rates and the host of related issues that schools are dealing with such as truancy and negative classroom behavior.

To address the heaving hitting issues that exist in our schools today, we must use a strong cognitive behavioral approach. By only addressing the negative behavior without addressing the underlying thinking errors we will not experience a sustainable solution. Not until we have an impact on the subconscious mind and help students through the process self-directed learning and self-discovery will we see unwanted behaviors decline. It is also important to understand that educating students is not strong enough either. It is not uncommon for a student to understand that certain behaviors are wrong but they still lack the ability to make the change on their own.

The Positive Thinking Skills Course is an excellent way to challenge common thinking errors with students without confronting them or provoking their resistance. This course is based on 4 decades of refinement from ACCI Lifeskills. The time test tested evidence-based principles of cognitive restructuring are immersed throughout the entire course. This course is available in both workbook and eLearning formats. Learn more about this course.