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Eliminate the School-to-Prison Pipeline

The United States of America locks up more people per capita than any other country in the world. The school-to-prison pipeline crisis has been well documented but the solutions pale in comparison. According to the new science and research on Criminogenic Risk Factors, there are a few dynamic risk factors that are highly correlated with the likelihood to commit crime or repeat a crime. Our parent company ACCI Lifeskills has been delivering results in the criminal justice world since 1975. What we have learned is that students also have risk factors that are similar to criminogenic risk factors, which in turn feed the school-to-prison pipeline. Education Lifeskills curriculum and programs address these root causes. Our courses are not focused on education or general awareness. Rather, our courses are challenging the underlying thinking errors that are associated with self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. Talk to us about how we can help the students at your school avoid this crisis and become academically and socially successful. We can recommend some simple ways to get started.

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