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Lifeskills Education for Parents

Parenting today’s junior high and high school students is becoming increasingly challenging. You know it and we know it! There are too many statistics and reports that highlight the decline in academic performance and the increase of at-risk thinking and behavior. Our parent company ACCI Lifeskills started developing cognitive life skills curriculum in 1975 and has witnessed the increase in criminal activity and decrease of student performance over the decades. What used to be considered extremely abnormal behavior is now considered normal, which puts all of our students at risk of learning the wrong lessons. ACCI has long been sought out by schools and school districts to provide life skills education to various types of students in many types of alternative and main stream class rooms. Now Education Lifeskills is solely focused on helping students overcome their self-defeating thoughts and behaviors . We invite you to enroll your child in a cognitive life skills course and participate with them as they read and respond to the course material. Choose one or more of the following courses. Courses are available in both workbook format or online in an eLearning format. Regardless of the course format, the cost per course is $65.00. Upon successful completion, our team will review and certify your students completed work and issue a certificate of completion. For those taking the course by mail, we will provide a postage paid self-addressed return envelope. Each course can take between 4-6 hours to complete. The courses are designed for parents, counselors or school teachers to serve as a coach or mentor to the student that is taking the course. Our self-directed learning courses are an excellent platform for discussion and application of critical thinking skills that are essential for academic and personal success. Each of our courses will be available in both hard copy and eLearning format. Contact us for eLearning availability.

ELS Courses

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