We help students think successfully–in the classroom and in life.

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Since 1975, we have developed evidence-based cognitive lifeskills courses. Now, we have infused our cognitive restructuring model into early intervention and prevention courses.

The HIDDEN Opportunity In Student Discipline


Our areas of expertise

Restorative Practice Professional Development

Restorative Practices are both preventive and prescriptive to address the issues presented in classrooms, common areas, and the campus at large.


This four-hour workshop will describe the relational model and mindset that needs to be built and the philosophical underpinnings that accompany a successful Restorative Practice Framework.


This four-hour workshop focuses on growing the Restorative culture of the campus at large. Participants will come away with a deeper understanding of cultural responsiveness and more.


This four-hour workshop guides educators through skills that will decrease burnout and allow educators to cultivate deeper compassion for themselves.

ELS Courses

Early Intervention/Prevention Cognition Lifeskills

What People Say about ELS

The administration side of Lifeskills Link is incredibly user friendly and straightforward. For someone like myself who has multiple spinning plates at once, it's very helpful to be able to quickly sort and review the students' responses and issue course completion certificates.
Adriana Gomez
Executive Assistant, Student Services
San Mateo, CA
The Positive Thinking Skills class has been great for the students of Dixie High School and I hope we continue to offer it in the future.
Shayne Bat
At-risk Student Teacher
St. George, UT
I was able to participate in the Positive Thinking Skills Course with my son. I found it to be very relative in today's society. I appreciate the message of people being responsible for their own actions regardless of their upbringing. I wish this program was available when I was a kid. I support this program for all schools.
Mesa, AZ
Our staff said that was the best training we have ever held at our school!
Andrea Damore
Beacon Academy of Nevada
Las Vegas, NV
Education Lifeskills has been a program I've been looking for to provide restorative outcomes to our students. Lifeskills courses, in conjunction with counseling services, have been a gamechanger for our administrators and counselors looking to keep students engaged in school. Our 3-month pilot has gone very well, and we look forward to embedding the program into our daily student supports (socially, emotionally, and behaviorally).
Don Scatena
Student Services Director
San Mateo, CA
My experience: The curriculum was so helpful to my students, because Education Lifeskills gives them opportunities to be real in real situations. This has helped them be successful in applying the skills, and also figuring out what their peers are going through. I am thankful that I was able to use it.
Veronica Bustillos
Gang Prevention Coordinator
Murray, UT
We have implemented the Positive Thinking Skills course into our alternative high school, and the conversations we are having with our students about their own thinking errors and the choices they are making on a daily basis have been incredible! The students relate to the material in a very tangible way, and their takeaways have been profound. Additionally, we have used Education Lifeskills as an intervention during our discipline proceedings with students and have had great feedback from parents and students alike as we have provided an intervention instead of just suspending or using other forms of punitive discipline.
Nekoosa, WI