Infinity – Media Awareness Course: Helping Students Avoid Technology Addictions

Technology can be a good resource or it can turn into an addiction. Today’s students are surrounded by technology in each classroom , it is nearly impossible for a student to avoid the internet on their campus. It has been reported that teenagers are spending, on average, 9 hours a day with some type of media and most of that time is used with some type of screen.

Education Lifeskill’s Infinity – Media Awareness Course helps students increase their awareness and responsibility regarding their personal media consumption. The course addresses gaming addictions, cyber-bullying, social media addiction and the dangers of sexting. The stories and examples in this course put the student at a point of choice through the time-tested technique of cognitive dissonance.

We recognize that students need core curriculum, however, internet and media addictions are limiting today’s students academic and personal success. This is a timely course that is designed for junior high and high school students.

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