Education Lifeskills and ONEder

PROVO, UT 04/17/2018- Education Lifeskills is excited to announce that our eLearning courses are now available on ONEder. ONEder is a unique platform that focuses on adapting content and making it more accessible to individuals with a wide range of learning or functional disabilities. Their software also offers many in-depth data analysis tools to help monitor students progress. With ONEder, all of our Education Lifeskills eLearning courses are now more accessible and adaptable to individuals who require learning accommodations.

What is ONEder?

ONEder’s founder, Jonathan Izak, developed ONEder out of a need to communicate with his non-verbal brother. At Education Lifeskills we understand that communication is at the heart of learning. Working with ONEder is part of our ongoing passion to provide evidence-based cognitive lifeskills learning opportunities to as many students as possible. Our aim at Education Lifeskills is to provide students with the essential cognitive life skills that will help them transition into successful adult members of society. Now with our eLearning courses on ONEder we will be able to help a wider range of students with all levels of reading and compression skills.

Eliaz Shapira, Chief Executive Officer at ONEder, stated that “we are thrilled to make Education Lifeskills’ curriculum available to students nationwide. The combination of their curriculum with the ONEder platform—which contains supports and accommodations tailored to the unique learning needs of the individual—is an important step toward closing the opportunity gap. In addition, their curriculum will now provide important insights for parents and administrators. As students complete activities, data will be collected to show parents and administrators how their students are progressing toward standards and goals.”

The Mission of Education Lifeskills

Before Education Lifeskills was formally created, our parent company ACCI Lifeskills (American Community Corrections Institute) received an increasing amount of requests from schools, school districts, and parents to develop a catalog of courses expressly for junior high and high school students. The main feedback that we received from our criminal justice clients and program participants was that they wished that they had been taught ACCI’s essential cognitive life skills while they were in school. This concept and goal is what led to the founding of Education Lifeskills.

What can you do?

We are excited to form partnerships and relationships with schools, school districts, and communities that understand the value of SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) which helps students overcome their self-defeating thoughts and behaviors and achieve higher levels of success academically and socially. As a society, our way of life depends on the ability of the rising generation to be prepared to meet current and future challenges.

Education Lifeskills has an array of course topics and program options that help schools increase the effectiveness of their prevention and intervention efforts. Schools can get started by creating a Lifeskills Link Account on our website to enroll a student into one of our courses. Contact us via our website for more information.

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